Black color & Decker 4V SmartSelect Screwdriver Examine


Dark and Decker is a household name for many years, and they’ve existed for nearly a hundred years. Can you think that? They were those who set the conventional for today’s power tools once they filed an application for any patent in 1916 for any 1/2 inch transportable electric drill having a trigger switch as well as pistol grip. Which means you know these guys understand what they’re doing, as well as they’re always performing something new. Right now, what sets Dark and Decker apart from the majority of the other big titles is that their own main focus is about the homeowner – the get it done yourselfer. They actually started the very first line of exercises for consumers whenever, in 1946, they introduced the actual world’s first transportable electric drill made especially for consumers. Not ones to take a seat on their laurels, the company stayed at the cutting edge of advancements in saw technology, always striving to generate the next smartest thing.

I’m not likely to bore you with increased history, even though I think it is fascinating, so let’s timewarp 63 years to the year 2009, whenever B & Deb introduced their SmartSelect technologies, which lets users choose the quantity of power and speed they require for different tasks. Since that period, this technology may be incorporated into a lot of their tools, such as the LI4000 SmartSelect Screwdriver I’m critiquing today. See how I went from the boring history lesson for an exciting review that you simply have to study? I tell ya, occasionally I amaze actually myself. So let’s check out this baby.

Black & Decker LI4000

Dark & Decker LI4000CHECK COST
“SmartSelect” – Seems Cool, But What Will it Mean?
Before I enter “SmartSelect, ” we have to first look from what this screwdriver does so we are able to understand how the technology works together with it. First, let’s check out the power this particular thing has. It’s maximum power is actually 70 inches for each pound of torque, from 180 RPM, that ought to be plenty associated with power for gentle household jobs such as installing shelves, kitchen cabinetry, towel bars, lighting, electrical outlet dishes, assembling furniture, and so on. Remember, it’s not really a drill, it’s a screwdriver created for basic home maintenance and light set up projects, so make certain your expectations tend to be realistic. Ok, so since we have which settled, let’s move ahead.

The LI4000 offers two separate features to maintain you from draining screws, which can be easy related to a lot associated with electric screwdrivers as well as drills. The very first thing it has is really a six-position clutch showcasing visual indicators. Now here’s the truly cool part – the actual SmartSelect technology. It lets a person easily choose and pick the best amount of torque you’ll need for your task. These two functions work together to obtain the best performance in the tool without harmful your fasteners.

Energy and Powerful Safety
The LI4000 is powered with a rechargable 3. 6-Volt Lithium Ion battery that may hold a charge for approximately a year . 5, if you address it right. Let me clarify that because there has been some user complaints concerning the battery not lasting lengthy. The Users Guide specifies that that battery must be used or, at the minimum undocked, on the monthly basis. This keeps the actual battery in optiumum operating condition and could save you the frustration of discovering it isn’t holding high of a charge when you attend use the screwdriver following it’s been sitting within the charging cradle for 6 months.

The battery charger you receive with the screwdriver is actually Energy Star ranked, meaning it is within compliance with rigid guidelines set through the U. S. Department of one’s and the Ough. S. EPA with regard to energy efficiency. Energy Star ranked battery chargers can save greater than a billion kilowatt hours of one’s every year, so that as an owner from the LI4000 and it’s battery charger, you’d be contributing to which. And who doesn’t wish to help the atmosphere, especially when it’s this easy to do?

While we’re referring to the battery and also the charger, let’s take a closer consider the charging cradle itself because I believe it has a few nice features you’ll enjoy as well. The screwdriver includes 11 different bits which you can use with it. You are able to always purchase much more, but they provide you with a nice selection to begin with so you don’t need to buy anything extra immediately. You will, obviously, want to keep all those pieces, so the charging cradle includes a built-in storage space on their behalf so they won’t obtain lost! As long while you actually put all of them back – they can provide you with the space, but you need to use it. Yet another thing you might enjoy is that the actual charging cradle could be mounted on the wall therefore it doesn’t take upward any space in your workbench. Oh absolutely no, I almost didn’t remember! The charging cradle also offers an LED indicator that enables you to know when it’s time for you to charge the electric battery. Simply stated, that’s fairly nice.

Everyone May use a Friend
Because of Black and Decker’s concern for that consumer and all of the folks who make use of their tools, they’ve included some pretty easy to use features here, along with everything else I’ve currently covered.

Like the majority of electric drills as well as screwdrivers, there is a good LED work light that will help you see when you’re employed in areas of reduce light. And through what I’ve observed, it looks like it’s arranged pretty well, just above in which the screw is, to help you actually see exactly what you’re doing.

Additionally, the forward/reverse switch comes with an indicator that’s readable, so you can easily see which setting you’re in. And today here’s a excellent feature I individually love – the actual patented retractable permanent magnetic screw holder. You take out the slider, place your screw, after which retract the slider to fall into line the screwhead using the bit. No more attempting to stick the screw towards the bit and hold it in position without dropping it before you decide to get it positioned on the wall or regardless of the screw will go into. It may sound silly, however for me, that is really a major irritation, therefore I’m really preference the screw owner, and I understand I’m not alone with that issue.

A Good Small Buddy
So after considering everything I heard bout the LI4000, I believe it may possess a few drawbacks if you’re searching for something more heavy-duty, but should you don’t expect it to complete more than what it’s created for, it could be considered a great little addition to many toolboxes. It’s not going that will help you build a outdoor patio, but it should certainly look after small household work and assemblies, particularly if holes are pre-drilled. This certainly has a few perks other screwdrivers don’t possess, like the 11 incorporated bits with storage space, wall mountable getting cradle, and the work light that’s really placed correctly. So if you’re buying new little friend to assist with small work, you might wish to take a closer understand this one.

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