Porter-Cable PCL120DDC-2 Cord-free Drill Review


Although many people think that 12V cordless drills are just suitable for light-duty house maintenance and fundamental DIY projects, these compact little drills will even appeal to experts who use much more powerful drills. The reason why? Even though the majority of heavy-duty work upon some projects is performed using 18V or even 20V drills, with regards to finish work, or things like putting up cupboards or shelves, or getting in to tight spaces to be able to complete the work, 12V cordless drills are crucial. Basically, they are ideal for some basic tweaks throughout the house, but they also provide a professional attractiveness.

When I create these reviews, it’s pretty easy to begin with drills that are created by top manufacturers, or the ones which are high-end and priciest. But, I additionally enjoy finding individuals hidden gems, cord-less drills that aren’t best-sellers, but which still possess a lot to provide. Most of time, I wind up amazed. One of those drills may be the PORTER-CABLE PCL120DDC-2 drill/driver. It attracted my attention due to the high rating throughout multiple online systems.


Compact Size + Little Weight
One from the things 12V drills have opting for them is their own diminutive stature, which enables you to reach even probably the most cramped locations, as well as their weight, that won’t fatigue your own arms. The PCL120DDC-2 steps just 7. 5 in ., which makes it well suited for jobs I possess just described. The system also weighs just 2. 4 lbs. According to stats I’ve discovered online, the PCL120DDC-2 falls to the top 40% so far as small weight can be involved.

Chuck Size
The PCL120DDC-2 includes a 3/8-inch keyless throw, which is something you’d expect of 12V exercise. I would have preferred to locate that the PCL120DDC-2 offers metal chuck sleeve, rather than a plastic 1. Obviously, plastic was accustomed to save weight, however it is less long lasting than metal. Obviously, you won’t be while using PCL120DDC-2 for any type of heavy-duty work exactly where metal components in the cordless drill really are a necessity, but plastic parts possess a shorter life period whichever way a person cut it. However, the great thing concerning the chuck on the actual PCL120DDC-2 is it has spindle locking mechanism, which holds on to the bit firmly, even at high-torque rotator.

220 Inch-Pounds of Torque for those Jobs
220 inch-pounds of torque from the 12V cordless exercise? That is precisely what you get along with PCL120DDC-2, which is nicely above average because of its class. The PCL120DDC-2 also enables you to choose between 2 speed settings: reduced speed setting, in which the drill operates from 0-350 rpm, as well as high speed environment, where the exercise works at 0-1, two hundred rpm. In order to prevent incidents where you apply an excessive amount of power, and then find yourself stripping the mess, the clutch includes a total of 20 various settings, which should assist you to fine-tune the drill for that project at hands.

Lithium-Ion Batteries with regard to Extended Use
Right now, you know which Li-Ion batteries tend to be lighter, smaller and contain the charge for considerably longer than the equal NiCd or NiMH electric batteries. The batteries within the PCL120DDC-2 have a good amp rating of just one. 3Ah, which is all about average for it’s class. The drill also has a quick charger, which has the capacity to recharge the battery in only 30 minutes. Keep in mind, some of the actual cordless drills available ship with normal chargers, which take between 3 and 5 hours to completely recharge the electric batteries, which is a great deal. You won’t need to worry about that using the PCL120DDC-2. In truth, the unit includes two battery packages, which means all-day operation is totally feasible.

Extra Functions
Additional features about the PCL120DDC-2 are virtually standard, but still very helpful, and they consist of an LED function light, which can help you in situations if you find not enough light illuminating the job surface. I have to indicate that you’ll be encountering these situations a great deal when using these types of small 12V exercises, because they may reach inside little cabinets and compartments, where there isn’t enough light. The PCL120DDC-2 also offers a belt connect, which means you are able to hang the drill in your tool belt.

The actual Summary
PORTER-CABLE tend to be pretty consistent within delivering good-quality energy tools, so it vague ideas me why a number of their product slip underneath the radar of many people. It’s a pity, especially in the situation of the PCL120DDC-2, the industry great tool that’s relatively affordable. For this type of small drill, it delivers lots of torque, and since you get two battery packs by using it, you can continue with your work continuous. Remember those concealed gems I had been rambling on about within the intro? The PCL120DDC-2 drops into that class. As for the actual flaws, there aren’t numerous, expect for the actual plastic chuck.

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